Single-use discount codes

It would be great to have more options in the voucher codes section.

At the moment, the only option is for 30-day codes that can be used multiple times. That might be fine for some kind of general promotion, but not for more targeted offers.

I would like to offer discounts to specific people and not have to know exactly when they will use it (no expiry date, or at least more than 30 days). I would also like to make it ‘exclusive’ so that only they might use it and not necessarily share it more widely (e.g. as a reward, or maybe apology for any issue)

Is there any plan to offer this flexibility? I see it hasn’t really changed since launch

These are great ideas.

This is certainly an area of the platform that has been neglected over time. I’ll speak to the team and see if that’s something we can work on in the near future.

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