Looking to speak to people for BriteSpark Films Major TV Documentary Series!

Hey all!

I’m looking to speak to people who have noticed they’re making a lot more money now through renting out their car given the current car market crisis? Cars are so impossible to buy at the moment due to a number of micro and macro factors…and we are looking for contributors who can tell us their story. Would be great to hear from you. Also, perhaps you are you using the site to make more cash given the current cost of living crisis?

Of course, all cases will be treated confidentially, and any further participation will be at your discretion. If you have any questions, you can phone me on: 07923071603. Or, please email [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon!

Yes, I have figures showing high use of a car and, unfortunately second hand costs have gone-up in price tool. I am soon to buy my second car. I would be happy to take part in your film which (looking at your web site) I hope is “downfall of the porn king”.
kind regards
John Robertson t/a Veganline.com

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Hi Josh. This is great. We have a super quick turnaround. Could we have a phonecall tomorrow? (Tuesday19th July). The number is: 07852434964