Let's talk (more) about insurance

It has been a while since I hired someone else’s car, but I don’t really recall considering any excess waiver … or even thinking about it in general beyond the cost of the insurance.

However, …

Someone recently rented my car, and I am sure, like me, they consider themselves a careful driver and therefore also did not pay this waiver. They only borrowed it for 24 hours, and despite all the warning indicators and cameras on cars these days, managed to damage a rear door with quite a bit more than just a scratch.

If you don’t own a car, you are probably not aware of quite how MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE insurance has become, so it might be a surprise to find out that a repair like this is likely to cost ££ hundreds, if not a couple of thousand £££ pounds.

The standard excess is already at least £1000 (apparently can be up to £2000) and while that seems like it is a lot, if the repairs (and administration) are very expensive, it means that there is a good chance that whatever damage occurs, the driver will end up paying this full amount.

I know there are help topics on this issue (linked below), but I wonder whether, just for fairness, there is more that Hiyacar, and also owners, can do to warn drivers to seriously consider taking up this option?

Maybe some additional onboarding video for new drivers?

At the moment there’s not much an owner can do once the booking is made. What if it was possible for the insurance to be amended after the initial booking but before driving away? Maybe it could be a last reminder opportunity?

Maybe at pick-up, drivers could be given a final chance to upgrade to the waiver?

I’m not sure how many claims there are each year, but if I can save any of my renters the pain of paying £1000+ I would like to think I’ve done my bit.

(note to the Hiyacar team: the gif in the second link shows reducing excess to £0, but the text in the first link implies it is only reduced by up to 90% - which is correct? @Mohammed_Sheen )

We offer Premium Cover for purchase, which can lower the excess by 90%. Please note that the first link is the most current version, while the second link is an older version used for illustration purposes. Additionally, the Premium Cover can only be added during checkout as it is specifically designed to be linked to the original booking on point of sale. This amount will be paid directly to the provider once checkout is complete.

Sure, I understand that this is the process now, but my suggestion - which might save drivers money in the longer run, and add more ‘upgrades’ for Hiyacar, would be to give a “one last chance to upgrade your cover” during pick-up but before driving (particularly during the photo process …

“thanks for submitting the photos of the car’s condition at pickup. Don’t forget to report any damage that may occur, and that you are currently liable for an excess of [£x]. You can still upgrade to Premium Cover and reduce this excess by 90% by clicking here before you drive away.”

I can’t imagine that this would be too complicated a change to the cover process? Any thoughts @marc ?

Just another suggestion anyway.

This isn’t the first time this has come up. In our development pipeline is the ability to add the premium cover after the initial booking, but before pickup. It’s a great idea to have a notice/reminder for the driver at that point too, i’ll make a note of that

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