Insurer won't allow listing

I’m trying to register with Hiyacar, but my current car insurer (Hastings Direct) won’t allow me to sign up with Hiyacar and say I’d be breaching my policy bid i do. I’ve tried speaking to Admiral, Aviva and a broker and they’ve all said the same thing.
Can anyone recommend an insurance company that allows you to sign up with Hiyacar?
I asked Hiyacar customer services and they couldn’t suggest anyone which seemed odd.

I’m not sure what you are asking or telling Hastings or any insurer, When the car is on rental, Your insurance stops and the clubs insurance takes over,
Your insurance is just for you, so don’t have to tell them that you share your car. The car still needs to be insured by you, as all vehicles on the road need insurance, but what you do with your car is none of their business.

Hi @Jonathan_Lloyd

I’m sorry you’re having this trouble with your insurer. Unfortunately, we have not found any insurer who we can rely on to fully understand and give explicit permission for this on a motor policy. We’ve contacted many, including those who have invested in and/or underwrite car-sharing companies!

However, as @John_Mulvey says, you don’t need their permission because their policy is not in effect while your car is on hire with us. Any claim while your car is on hire through hire car would be handled by our insurer and not yours, and our policy allows “hire and reward” which personal policies generally do not, this is usually the clause/reason they give for not allowing use with hiyacar.

John and Marc, thanks for your replys.
You asked why I would choose to inform my insurer, and the reason for this is that the Association of British Insurers recommend that you should do so

This means that you can’t share your car, without the right insurance to share, But your not sharing your car, Hiyacar Club is sharing your car, so they have the insurance to share,
just like someone with full comp insurance can often drive another persons car (that is insured) with permission, You don’t have to tell your insurance, if they have a crash, it will be down to their 3rd party insurance, Hiyacar insurance Hire and reward which our standard policy’s don’t cover.
You can’t share your car with anyone outside the club, and that is what they mean when talking about sharing…

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