Hiyacar Bookings

Hiya Car Owners - Ollie here from HiyaCar,

We hope you are enjoying your HC experience so far. To help us improve our service, we would love some quick feedback from you:

1, Have you been pleased with the number of requests you have received since listing your car?
2. Have you been active in accepting or declining the requests promptly? If not, why? (we are researching how we can encourage our car owners to accept requests more promptly for our drivers)
3. How have you found your experience with HC so far, what else could we be doing?

Thank you so much!



  1. Yes, pleased with the number of requests but could always be more
  2. I’m active at responding to requests but by having this community, if I am away, my local hiyacar owner friends can accept the bookings for me, what are your plans for this?
  3. The experience has been great so far!

I would be keen to hear what everyone else has to say!

To be honest my bookings have nose dived since I took up hiya car, mainly because I had to cancel booking with a competitor which has now Blacklisted me with them. I was making about £500 pm, now lucky if I make £50.
I got quickfit yet no recent hires, some great adverts up and about but not much uptake I’m finding. I was hoping welcome bonus would carry me over but never been paid it

Hiya James, thanks for your reply.

I just checked with our team and £100 Brighton welcome bonus has been paid to you. I’m also going to drop you a message on Live Chat about the flyers we can make you which you can put inside your pet food deliveries.