A local network for Lewisham and Forest Hill

I’m keen to connect with other owners in the local area, in particular for Forest Hill, but also more widely in Lewisham and other neighbouring boroughs.

As a member of the Forest Hill Society I would like to promote car sharing locally as a solution to some of the parking and traffic issues we have locally, and to raise the profile of car sharing in general.

If you are local to SE23 in any way, join this topic and let’s chat - and hopefully get more of our neighbours using the cars and making this a better place to live!

Hi Robert, happy to support this initiative. Let me know how I can contribute.

Best wishes,


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Thanks so much! Really appreciate you joining me in this

I’m hoping to write to members of the Forest Hill Society and to promote the idea in the other lobbying we are doing with Lewisham Council.

Great idea. I will see if I can do something similar in Peckham.

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I’m thinking of writing an article for our regular newsletter and blog to showcase a range of different cars available in the area.

So far I have:

  • your Golf @Nicholas_Lenz (or do you have more than one?)
  • my EV (Leaf)
  • a 7 seater (I think) from Janielle
  • a 4x4 Outlander from Oliver
  • I spotted a Mercedes GLC AMD in Dulwich / Crystal Palace as well - though not sure if this is still active

Not sure if there’s any other models to promote,

Any thoughts on who else to include?