A brief history of peer to peer car rental in the UK

Its funny that I’ve been a member of most of them…
While Turo seems to have the big bucks, i think most of that money has been spent in the USA.
They are the example of the worse of car clubs, In the USA where they have had a rapid growth, they have also had the biggest losses.
The demand for rental cars is high in the US, but so is the problems.
There is a high demand for high end cars like Mustangs and Tesla’s, and a large number of these go missing, or crashed.
This resulted in Turo offering 3 types of insurance cover from 30% - 70% cover.
which means the owners need to cover the other 70% - 30%. with their own insurance.
It’s not unusual for owners to have 10, 15 or 20 cars listed. but its also not unusual for owners to have 4 or 5 open claims at any given time.
Turo will always side with the renter, and quickly de-list any car a renter complains about, without any evidence,
Yet renters with multiple identity’s, convictions for car crime, drug abuse are allowed to rent from other owners on the platform.
cars abandoned out of state, or impounded by the authorities is often left to the owner to retrieve, at their own expense.
Turo is a global business, but its downfall is it’s “one size fits all” policy in its rules and T&C’s, with no discretion for regional changes.
McDonald, Apple, even Facebook all make slight changes for the country they are operating in. Truro doesn’t. and having a winning formula on one country, does not guarantee success in another.
Owners, on average tolerate around 10 total losses before leaving Turo and are moving over (in large numbers) to Getaround.

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