2023 Top boroughs & Top cars

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amazing numbers!

Do you have any analysis on why some boroughs perform so much better than others? Is it their location, demographics, or is it a function of the number of cars in the area (maybe averages pushed up by fewer vehicles)?

Anecdotally, I earned around £340 in just over 2 months of being signed up (and being quite new), so it looks about right even here in Lewisham, but I have to admit the numbers are higher than I would have guessed (not that I’m complaining)!

I can’t disclose how many cars are in which areas, because indeed in some cases there’s only one and that would make it very easy to identify!

It’s however quite simple : urban areas, with high density and low car ownership will always do better.

Hackney, Islington, Westminster etc.

However, we’ve found out that pretty much anywhere in London where there is a good amount of Quickstart vehicles and a mix of our own and others will generate the most demand.


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That’s what I was thinking.

From this community perspective, it would be interesting to look into how exactly a greater concentration of cars might create a bigger and more certain market for drivers. At first glance it might feel like we (owners) are competing with each other for rentals, when, in fact, I imagine that it would be the opposite. More cars means more options, more regular users, better choices, etc and therefore more reason for drivers to join Hiyacar.

It’s like having a street full of restaurants will help to attract more casual diners to the area to the benefit of all businesses, rather than having just one or two which might be full so leaving no option for diners to drop-in.

I wonder how drivers might work together better to increase awareness locally?

I see there used to be groups for specific areas - maybe something to revive? I’d be happy to chat with any others in Lewisham / Southwark / Bromley :slight_smile: