Question for Hiyacar: what happens when hired cars reach their 15th birthday?

There’s a car on Autotrader just now that is 13 years old with a mileage between 20,000 and 30,000, from a well-reviewed trader with plausible history on

I don’t think I dare buy it to rent-out on HIyacar, but information helps. (If I don’t buy it, it is a silver Peugeot 107 from JK cars in Ivor, close to west London).

What happens on a hired car’s 15th birthday?
Is it taken off the site as soon as noticed in an automatic way, or does the insurance allow discretion?

I’m asking this of Hiycar on the forum just because I think it might interest other owners, but it’s fine if anyone wants to delete this message and contact me direct