Owner membership program

Hiya Partners!

Rachel from the Community Engagement team here, and I’d love to get your feedback on a membership scheme for our Owners that we’re looking to build.

The membership we have in mind would consist of car-related service perks (discounts), with the aim of making your car owning experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible, whilst saving you money.

As such, we’d love to hear about your car-related expenditures/pain points and what you would might like to get out of this membership, specifically the following:

  1. What are your biggest pain points with owning and maintaining your car?
  2. What types of perks would you be interested in getting access to? Would any of our initial ideas listed below* be of interest to you? What other perks would benefit you?
  3. Do you use these services you’re mentioning already? If so how much do you currently spend on these services (which we would look to reduce)? If not, what would you be willing to pay for these services?

*Some initial ideas we currently have are discounts for: car cleaning (mobile or immobile), parking, tyre replacements/repairs/cover, car body repairs, car accessories (e.g. dash cams), personal insurance, MOT notifications.

Please do share any feedback below if you would like to see this membership exist. Any feedback would much appreciated!

While i like and can appreciate a lot of the incentives Hiya are doing with Kwik-Fit. Maybe i should explain why i’ve not taken up on any of them.
I’m not very mancainaial minded, So i put my trust in two local garages one in peticula see the cars at least 3 times a year, They have a full service Feb to march, for the summer season, and then an oil change and mini service Oct /Nov, ready for winter.
During the summer months the MOT’s come up, ( could change these to coincide with a service, but choose not to.
My garages know what i do with the cars, and the fact inexperienced drivers will use them.
I don’t expect my customers to recognize a little rattle or noise as something about to break…
So when my cars go in, they are checked for everything, and if they need anything i will tell them to go ahead and replace anything wearing out, before it packs up…

My garage learnt, when he said i had another 800 miles on them tyres, I told him that could be one weekends rental… replace them…
I have taken the cars to different garages and had second opinions, only to find the garage was telling me the truth, so i have built up a trust over the last 4+ years with them.
I have two other tyre shops near me, they both charge the same price for an all weather tyre (£60).
kwik fit only sell branded tires like Michelin, or Bridgestone, and charge £90.
when and where i can i will offer to pay cash, and hope to avoid the VAT.
when one of the cars needed a headlight and radiator, i went on-line and found a cheaper new rad in Germany and a second hand headlight from ebay, I gave then to my garage to fit and saved over £100.

And because the cars are well looked after, fuel efficiency is as good today as it was when it rolled off the production line.
Reliability is my number one priority. and after 400 rentals i’ve had 3 or 4 mechanicals which was actually down to the drivers behavior…

My shed is a mini car wash centre, with jet wash and hoover, and bottles of everything…
25lt bottles of shampoo, 5lt screen wash & coolants, polish’s stain removers, scratch removers, waxes and shines, sprays for wheels and sprays for tires, steam cleaners to wet and dry vacuums, to my new toy, a Co3 (ozone) deodoriser.
If i wasn’t renting out cars, i could start a business of cleaning them…
I hold a stock of light bulbs (all) wiper blades, and car mats.
I lift the bonnet once a week when washing them and do a visual check, and top up the screen wash.
I have a hand held tyre gauge and inflator, so will check them weekly, (its always the front nearside that will need topping up as they mount the curb or hit the drains when not sure of the size of the car)

I don’t have flash cars, i don’t have new cars.
But i have cheap, 5 seater with decent size boot, economical, clean, and reliable cars,

I know i couldn’t or wouldn’t do this without support, First the car club, then second the garage.
I put equal trust in both. as without either, i wouldn’t have a business renting cars.

I’ve learnt that garages will list all the things they will do during a service or MOT. and offer a number of different services and prices.
They Don’t tell you what they don’t do…
I had the air con regassed twice, and service 4 times before i found out that none of them changed the pollen filter
changing the pollen filter is an extra you need to ask for during a service…

So Trust and loyalty is very important.
I know kwik fit can do a cheaper service, but they wouldn’t do all the thing my garage does.

My cars have had the same mechanics in all that time, they know the Fusion inside out.
5 star reviews and returning customers suggest i’m getting it right…
So wouldn’t change that.

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It’s a great idea, but a bit half baked! Quikfit whilst providing national coverage have a dreadful reputation for up-selling and misleading on the price! I genuinely wouldn’t trust a tyre fitted by them and tend to use Setyres who are professional and sell the tyres at wholesale rates. Quikfit quotes one price and then adds on a whole load of extras at the till, basically they are cowboys imho!

One thing you could do and it would be absolutely cutting edge, include the owner on the insurance policy so that owners are covered to use the vehicle under your policy. God only knows how you could implement this, but that truly would offer something or getting a significant discount on the policy.

Cleaning sounds like a good idea, but generally cleaners are unique to each area as usually supplied by human traffickers etc.

To offer a membership program, firstly I would look at the insurance and perhaps you could offer a discount based on the hires of the last year and people could qualify for free insurance if they hit a target.
If you want to offer the other stuff you need to do it on an area by area basis and actually use decent reputable connections like Setyres. Quikfit doesn’t give anyone any confidence.

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You don’t want anything other than a branded tyre on your car! You can’t put a price on safety! The brand is alive all these years later because so are it’s customers!

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