Booking reminder & Google calendar link

This one is directed to Marc and the IT team.

I appreciate google is probably a swear word in the office at the moment, but as people ditch the diary and use their smart device for appointments and events
A certain car club had bookings linked to my google account, so any booking would appear on my google calendar.
This meant i would get a google reminder (set to when i wanted to receive them, ) and also get a verbal reminder from my google assistant, when i say Hay Google good morning… (“Karen is picking up johns ford fusion at 9am”

As someone said there is nothing wrong with nicking a good idea and making improvements…
And Google isn’t the only calendar people use…
so maybe a link to peoples Yahoo, Outlook calendars as well, covers everyone

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Some way of syncing the Hiyacar calendar app with other calendar apps would be good. have developed the idea further, but syncing is the gist of it.

Thanks for the suggestion @John_Mulvey.

This is something we’ve (re)visited a few times and there has been some work on this in the past but it is a much more complicated piece of work than it first appears, especially to get it just right!

I have made a note of your (and yours @John_Robertson) suggestion and we’ll factor that in to our development priorities and make sure you’re both notified when it’s available

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